The costume designer of the film coped with her task with the same brilliance as the famous Patricia Field, who created the unforgettable style for Sarah Jessica Parker in the cult TV series Sex and the City, which not only inspired thousands of fashionistas around the world but also undoubtedly went down in fashion history.

The heroine of Elena Yakovleva is not mistakenly often compared to Sarah Jessica Parker. Natalie Kanevsky turned Rimma into a real style icon, and her outfits became an additional language to express the director's idea in every scene.

To create the image of a rich and successful woman, the team has used the mastodons of the global fashion industry: clothes from Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Dior bags, Hermes and Mercury jewelry.

However, the most striking detail of each image, the logical conclusion, was the products of the upcoming designer Lilia Fisher.

“We ordered almost all the hats from the workshop of Lilia Fisher who made fantastic hats in the shortest possible time. Together with Lilia, we selected materials to match in shades and style each look. Besides she made a couple of hats of the same fabrics which we used to make the costumes in our in-house studio".

“I've learned about the release of the film from my clients from Italy and Monaco. They immediately recognized my hats and sent me congratulations. I rejoice like a small child when I see my hats in films, on covers, and in music videos ... I didn’t even think that the process of creating hats for the film “Cheburashka” would be so exciting, and the result would exceed all my expectations!” —  comments the designer Lilia Fisher.

К слову, фильм «Чебурашка» бьет рекорды по кассовым сборам. Только за первые три дня проката фильм собрал в Российских кинотеатрах 2,5 млн человек. «Чебурашка» обошёл «Аватар» и стал самым кассовым фильмом в истории российского проката. Комедия заработала в прокате уже более 5 миллиарда рублей.