Lilia Fisher's head accessories became a cherry on the cake for the new collection of the Russian designer KATERINAKOSHKINA.

The MBFW RUSSIA catwalk seemed to have transformed into the avenue of a city in the future, where bright futuristic accessories complete the image of bold and free girls dressed in custom-made garments of leather, latex, and shiny fabrics.

Mini and ultra maxi still compete with each other in popularity, but the dazzling glitter of a veil a la Maleficent like an ace up one’s sleeve or a joker decides the outcome of this game.

Asymmetric carnival masks, Iroquois and grotesque hats in the form of giant exotic flowers call to step beyond the usual and brings us to the not so distant worlds of the cosmic Odyssey.

But some values remain eternal: gold in make-up along with expensive feathers and sparkling handmade embroidery of the head accessories hint that there is still room for luxury in the future.